CPR and AED Refresher

Increase your confidence levels with this short AED and CPR refresher course. Further improve your skills, knowledge and competence in the practical application of a defibrillator and understand the importance of safe, prompt and effective administration of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

Course Syllabus 

This short course covers the following: 

- Understand basic life support requirements

- Demonstrate basic life support techniques and AED 

- Demonstrate post-resuscitation procedures

- Carry out basic user maintenance and troubleshoot problems 

- Understand the safe use of an automated external defibrillator

On-site Prices

£449.00 up to 12 learners (exc.vat)

Half day session 

£599.00 up to 24 learners (ex.vat)

Half day morning and afternoon session 

Add on module with this course

Annual Refresher

£499.00 up to 12 learners (ex.vat)

£699.00 up to 24 learners (ex.vat)

Assessment method


The assessment methods for this qualification are:-


Practical demonstration


The practical assessment of the learners is conducted throughout the course.

On-going assessment will involve learners demonstrating practical first aid skills across a number of areas.


Oral questioning


Learners are required to demonstrate knowledge and understanding by answering questions related to the criteria in the assessment records. 


All learning outcomes in the unit(s) must be achieved to successfully achieve the qualification.

What's included?

- Expert instructions

- Comprehensive manual 

- Qualification fees 

- Necessary equipment 

- One year certification

- Reminder service

- Speedy response to your questions or queries