On-line E-Learning Training

Refresh, update or gain a new qualification online with an extensive range of    

accredited First Aid, Food Safety, Health & Fire Safety e-learning courses   

Welcome to our On-line E-Learning page

With the tips of your fingers and a few clicks of a button, you’ll be well on your way to refresh or gain new skills and knowledge, all from the comfort of your chair.


Browse a comprehensive range of compliance-based, e-learning courses, designed with your convenience in mind and attain an accredited qualification with minimum effort.



You’ll find it’s a win-win solution to experience the benefits of e-learning that include:

Effective Communication 

Achieved through the power of face to face eye contact, bringing you a one-on-one learning experience and building your trust


Virtual Learning


Live pictures and animated graphics form part of an engaging virtual learning environment

Aesthetic Appeal


The presenter of each module is friendly and engaging, grabbing your interest and maintaining your attention throughout the courses

Progress Tracking


Use your video training software to keep records and track progress

Short Sections


Each section of the module is presented in short video clips, allowing you to easily absorb information and review sections as necessary


High-Quality Download


Specialist online video production allowing extremely high-quality and fast downloads

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