How to?

Welcome to the ‘How To?’ page.  One way to keep your first aid training skills and knowledge refreshed. Here you'll find some of the most common adult, baby and child related first aid conditions, recognising symptoms, covering suspected injuries or illnesses.  



Staying on top is the only way

Having gained life saving first aid practical skills and theoretical knowledge, with a certificate to prove your competency is a significant achievement. Maintaining those very skills and knowledge you’ve worked hard to master has shown to potentially diminish over time without frequent practice, whether in a controlled or an unfortunate real life scenario.  


Fortunately, many resources are available to stay on top and remain confident in your ability. The very same air of confidence present on the successful completion of your training.  Plethora of trusted information is readily accessible on the world wide web at the tip of your fingers.

Referencing your first aid manual on a regular basis or highly recommended is undertaking a short Annual Refresher online or classroom-based practical training are other alternatives.


Time is a valuable commodity in an emergency first aid situation and utilising such references regularly is a valuable asset and maintaining a naturally positive attitude.

First aid advice
Select from a range of topics below

Breathing problems


Choking Adult

Choking Child & Infant

Inhalation of toxic fumes


Wounds & Bleeds

Control bleeding

Embedded objects

Nose bleed

Eye injuries

Internal bleeding


Burns & scalds


Types & treatment for burns

Medical emergencies




Heart attack




Sickle cell anemia



Febrile convulsions




Bites & stings




Bones, muscles & joint injuries


Head injuries

Spinal injuries

Chest injuries

Broken bones


Sprains & strains



Types & treatment for poisons

Unconscious casualty


Primary survey

Secondary survey

Recovery position

Adult CPR

Child & Infant CPR

Use of a Defibrillator 

Extreme Heat & Cold


Heat exhaustion

Heat stroke


Attend a course


The advice on this and any related page is for guidance purposes only.  Completing a hands-on first aid training course supporting the available resources should be strongly considered. Where necessary seek professional medical help.  


It couldn't be simpler

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