QNUK Level 2 Award in Mental Health at Work

The QNUK Level 2 Award in Mental Health at Work (RQF) is the ideal introduction to understanding mental health in the workplace. The qualification covers the most common mental health conditions, how to identify potential mental health concerns in colleagues and then how to discuss their needs and assist them to access suitable services and support.

Course Syllabus 

Unit 1 – Understanding mental wellbeing in the workplace


- Be aware of common mental health disorders

- Know how to recognise the causes and impact of stress

- Recognise the causes and impact of common mental health conditions 

- Understand how individuals may use harmful strategies to cope with a mental health disorder

- Know how to support an individual with a mental health issue 

On-site Price

£749.00 up to 12 learners (ex.vat)

What's included?

- Expert instructions 

- Comprehensive manual 

- Qualification fees 

- Necessary equipment 

- Accredited three year certification

- Reminder service

- Dedicated account management services

- Speedy response to your queries

Assessment method


The assessment methods for this qualification are:-


Multiple-choice question paper


Each candidate is assessed by completing a multiple-choice question paper. Pass mark 70%.