QNUK Level 3 Award in

Administration of Emergency Oxygen (RQF) 

A highly recommended qualification aimed at those working in high-risk environments where emergency oxygen may need to be administered, typically by first aiders, event medics, and security staff.

Course Syllabus


Unit 1 – Administering Emergency Oxygen


- Understand the principles of administering oxygen in an emergency situation

- Understand how to administer oxygen to a casualty 

On-site Prices

Half-day session

£ Price on request

Half-day AM and PM session

£ Price on request

* Prices accommodate up to 12 learners and exclude VAT

(The venue must comply with social distancing rules) 

Assessment method


The assessment methods for this qualification are:-


Practical demonstration


The practical assessment of the learners is conducted throughout the course. On-going assessment will involve learners demonstrating practical first aid skills across a number of areas.


Multiple-choice question paper


Each candidate is assessed by completing a multiple-choice question paper. Pass mark 70%.

Example question

What should be prohibited near where oxygen is stored?

A. Loud music

B. Vibration

C. Smoking

D. Mobile phone 

Duration: 3 Hours

What's included?

- Expert instructions

- Comprehensive manual 

- Qualification fees 

- Necessary equipment 

- One year certification

- Reminder service

- Speedy response to your questions or queries

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