QNUK Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid  

Master the basic fundamentals of child first aid. This qualification offers the opportunity to those working in the early years’ setting, for teachers and staff in a schools develop skills and knowledge to manage life threatening conditions, illness and injuries. It covers resuscitation and first aid incidents involving children of all ages providing skills to manage effective first aid care

Course Syllabus


Unit 1 – Emergency Paediatric First Aid


- Roles and responsibilities of a paediatric first aider

- Assess an emergency incident

- Manage an unresponsive baby or child breathing/not breathing

- Recovery position and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)

- Choking 

- Wounds and bleeds

- Managing shock

- Bites and Stings

On-site Price

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Bolt-on module with this course

Level 3 Award in Responding to Anaphylactic Reactions

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(The venue must comply with social distancing rules) 

Assessment method


The assessment methods for this qualification are:-


Practical demonstration


The practical assessment of the learners is conducted throughout the course. On-going assessment will involve learners demonstrating practical first aid skills across a number of areas.


Multiple-choice question paper


Each candidate is assessed by completing a multiple-choice question paper. Pass mark 70%.

Example question

What medication does a casualty suffering from an asthma attack normally take?

A. Asprin

B. Cough Syrup

C. An inhaler

Duration: 1 Day

What's included?

- Expert instructions

- Comprehensive manual 

- Qualification fees 

- Necessary equipment 

- Accredited three-year certification

- Reminder service

- Speedy response to your questions or queries