QNUK Level 3 Award in

Food Safety Supervision for Retail

This qualification is aimed at those in a supervisory role where food is prepared, cooked and served. Food operators can ensure compliance with food safety, legislation, monitoring of good hygiene, practice, and implement management procedures of the supervisor within a catering environment.

Course Syllabus


Unit 1 – Principle of Supervising Food Safety in a Catering Environment

- Ensure compliance with food safety legislation

- Application and monitoring of good hygiene practice 

- Implement food safety management procedures 

- Role of the supervisor in safety management procedures

On-site Prices


Price accommodates up to 16 learners and excludes VAT

E-Learning Prices

Allergen Awareness

Introduction to HACCP Level 2

£20.00 per person (ex.vat)

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Assessment method


The assessment methods for this qualification are:-

Multiple-choice question paper


Each candidate is assessed by completing a multiple-choice question paper. Pass mark 70%

Example question

A food safety hazard is BEST defined as:

A - a significant risk to consumer health from food

B - bacteria and chemicals found in all types of foods 

C - pathogenic bacteria common in some raw foods

D - an agent or condition in food that may cause harm

What's included?

- Expert instructions

- Comprehensive manual 

- Qualification fees 

- Necessary equipment 

- Three year certification

- Reminder service

- Speedy response to your questions or queries