Paediatric First Aid Training

Do you want to be a paediatric first aider? Whether you are a childminder, parent, work in a nursery or a school setting, comply with 'Ofsted Early Years' and 'Childcare Register' requirements by completing an accredited paediatric training course. Covering a wide range of baby and child first aid conditions and common illnesses, you'll find absorbing the knowledge as simple as learning ABC.

QNUK Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid (RQF)

Working with babies or children? Learn how to correctly manage a choking baby or a child, recognise symptoms for major childhood illnesses, and become proficient in administering effective first aid on paediatric casualties. Just a taster of the topics covered on this accredited qualification. Designed for learners on the OFSTED compulsory register, working in early years setting in Nurseries and Montessori schools.

QNUK Level 3 Award in Emergency Paediatric First Aid (RQF)

Master the basic fundamentals of child first aid. This qualification offers the opportunity to those working in the early years’ setting, for teachers and staff in schools to develop skills and knowledge to manage life-threatening conditions, illness, and injuries in early years’ settings.  It covers resuscitation and first aid incidents involving children of all ages providing skills to manage effective first aid care.

First Aid for Parents

This course is tailor-made for parents with babies or children. Gain essential basic life saving first aid skills, know how to correctly manage a choking baby or child and become proficient in resuscitation (CPR) with thorough guidance and practice. Develop a firm understanding of topics covering bleeds, stings and allergic reactions.