You'll be surprised...

CONCERNED? Absolutely no reason to be... and we don't intend to cause anyone, any offence, henceforth.

Defibrillators are designed to be 'IDIOT PROOF'. A.K.A - AED, or a defib in short.

Does one need defibrillator training? YES and NO.

*YES - training has many benefits*

- To feel supremely confident defibrillator training is HIGHLY recommended.

- Learn best practices, trouble shooting and maintenance, thus ensuring an AED is available and ready for immediate use.

- Training offers make and model specific instructions.

- And of course benefit from CPR training.

*NO - training advised but not necessary*

You see when we say a defibrillator is made 'IDIOT PROOF', please allow us to clarify.

Operating an AED in an event of a cardiac arrest is simple. Once removed from its case and powered, the easy to follow voice prompts guide the user. It also instructs correct electrode placements.

DID YOU KNOW? - Utilise an AED with effective CPR improves chances of survival from 6% to 74%.

That's a significant difference.

Take away point - operating an AED is dead simple. (Excuse the pun).

And if training is required we'll be glad to help -

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