Training during the second Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown

Latest training guidelines during the second lockdown     

Posted:  7 January 2021


With the second lockdown now in place, understandably there are uncertainties on whether first aid and health and safety training is permitted in the current situation. 

The England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland governments continually review their specific coronavirus (Covid-19) guidance. 

In-house training across the UK. ‘Training and Education’ is permitted under the current guidance. Our workplace first aid and health and safety training courses are available in-house, essential classroom-based, blended, virtual or as on-line training formats.

Under directions from government and industry authorities, we continue to provide essential in-house workplace first aid and health and safety training, supporting vital sectors to allow businesses and organisations to maintain compliance and meet their business requirements. A risk assessment demonstrating additional measures required, room size, social distancing, and ‘Covid Safe’ measures at your premises will be conducted during the booking processes. It is advised that employers should consider their need for training and the extension period for first aid certificates required by the HSE.

Working with our customers the priority of the measures is to ensure the health and safety of all candidates and employees, and that the necessary physical distancing and control measures are in place. 

Candidate health and safety during courses

The following measures are in place to keep candidates and our instructors safe:

  • Anyone who is unwell with symptoms of Covid-19 will be asked to not attend the course.

  • Where possible increase ventilation for the safety of the candidates and instructors by keeping windows open. It goes without saying to wear suitable clothing to stay warm during the colder winter months. Updated HSE advice highlights the importance of ventilation in indoor spaces to help minimise the transmission of Covid-19.  

  • The seating in the training room/space should be maintained at a minimum distance of 2 metres. Candidate numbers on courses may have to be reduced to permit this.

  • Whenever reasonably practical, social distancing will be maintained.

  • For training and assessment where it is necessary to be within 2 metres of other candidates, candidates are expected to wear face-covering unless exempt.  

  • Where close contact is necessary for the purpose of practical assessment, each session of contact within 2 meters will last for up to 15 minutes, in-line with the NHS Test and Trace definition for close contact.  

  • The number of such sessions will be based on the topics covered on the course and the time taken for candidates to achieve competence in the relevant subject.

  • Necessary group work will be carried out in the same groups to minimise the contact with other candidates on the course.

  • We encourage regular use of hand washing facilities and provide hand sanitisers in each training session for regular use.

  • Where possible one manikin will be provided per candidate. In addition, face shields are provided for practical CPR and rigorous cleaning and sanitising procedures are in place. All equipment is cleaned regularly.


Further detailed information about ‘Covid Safe’ training delivery, requirements and frequently asked questions are linked below: 


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Courses available to book

To support businesses and employees returning to work essential workplace first aid and health and safety training courses are available in the respective delivery formats:

Class-room or blended learning

First Aid at Work 

Emergency First Aid at Work 

First Aid at Work Requalification 


Paediatric First Aid 

Class-room or virtual learning

Fire Marshal/Warden

Food Safety

Health and Safety


Scheduled public and online courses 

Scheduled public courses first aid and health and safety courses are currently on hold due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation. We will continue to monitor the situation and advise when our scheduled public courses will resume. However, there are alternative ways to learn without the need to attend a classroom-based course.

Online learning

A comprehensive portfolio of online courses with videos and simple steps for a wide range of scenarios are available to view HERE. The first modules can also be trialled at no cost. 

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